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carina martins, physis - ramos de arvores a noite
carina martins, physis - vazio
carina martins, physis - copa de arvore
carina martins, physis - dunas a noite
carina martins, physis - arvores a noite
carina martins, physis - ramos de arvores a noite

carina martins, physis - montanha a noite
carina martins, physis - arvore a noite


Inkjet prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta paper
140 x 93 cm | 100 x 67 cm | 80 x 53 cm

In this set of photographs that make up the Physis, Carina Martins distances us from the daytime regime determined by modern instrumental reason (ocularcentrism), favouring a digression of the senses beyond the immediately visible and leading us to a certain geography of shadows, night and gloom. The linear perspective of the cognitive (daytime) gaze loses its frontality, vision becomes peripheral, and rationality gives way to affection. Whereas in previous projects, the photographic appurtenant was limited to the vegetable kingdom and daylight, Physis now draws us closer to the mineral kingdom, searching under the twinkling of the night for the vibrant matter that constitutes all substances. Under these circumstances, the absence of sunlight summons the magic of shadow and the spectral presence of things becomes sensitive in photographs. Between the urban and civilizational threshold of the Anthropocene and the immense territory of the biosphere, the photographer conducts a visual investigation into the epicentre of nocturnal light environments, praising the shadow of places inhabited by a myriad of mineral organisms, plants and animals.

Physis (pdf)
Rui Ibañez Matoso
(Researcher in the science of image and post-media visuality)

Thanks: Cláudio Melo, Sandra Oliveira, Margarida Pais