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carina martins, anima lusitani - octagon polygon

Anima Lusitani

8 Inkjet prints
60 x 40 cm

Based on the immense symbolic weight of ‘Cava de Viriato’ – an enormous regular octagon which was once a place of defense and of surveillance of movements of people along the large quantity of roads across these lands – I recreated a connection between 8 places selected through the extension of the octagon’s sides. After finding these 8 equidistant sides [places] I photographed each one of them facing towards ‘Cava de Viriato’ itself. In the room of the exhibition the 8 photographs are positioned in a way to recreate the octagonal shape of ‘Cava de Viriato’.

Support: Jardins Efémeros
Thanks: Virgínia Valente, Marc Behrens, António Carlos, Filipe Félix